Twin houses

Previous Next Twin Houses | Residences Two separate residences designed for 2 brothers of one family sit on a single linear. One of the houses is lifted on the first and second floor with a hollow plinth for family functions. The houses are open in a North-South direction with well-lit and ventilated spaces. The houses … Read more


Previous Next Cubiform | Residences The South facing premise is divided into 3 structure grids designed north-south with the centre having living spaces on the Ground floor and a Master bedroom on the First floor. Other bedrooms are identical and stacked one on top of the other on side grids. The kitchen opens up into … Read more


Previous Next Meadows | Residences A farmhouse designed for a joint family about 50 km from the city of Ahmedabad is spread over a lush green plot facing the lakeside. The house has 3 wings: public, private and an outhouse over the swimming pool. All the wings open onto the lawns which are contiguous to … Read more


Previous Next Consort | Residences The residence is designed by combining the adjacent villa with a new central 1000 square feet triple height living space and making it one big house having public and private activities segregated on lower and upper floors respectively and several areas reconfigured as per the client’s requirement. The house thus … Read more

Neelgold Bungalow

Previous Next Outhouse at Neelgold Bungalow | Residences This small outhouse is designed as an extension to the main bungalow jutting out almost over a valley and supported by pigeon leg columns from boulders almost 20’ below. The structure is designed out of metal and encased with local wood all around for insulation purposes this … Read more