Urban Spaces at CR Park

Urban spaces at CRPark | Urban Design

Unlike many Indian cities, south Delhi is fortunate to be interspersed with large open spaces, planned market areas, institutions and broad streets which are the ASSETS of the neighbourhoods. We analysed various connections here: between institutions and communities, public realm and people, street as traffic corridor and street as place, and the market as a place for the exchange of goods and exchange of ideas. Hence we have tried to merge the dual-sided connections into multilayered resolution through an urban design framework for a new paradigm of community living that can LINK, ACTIVATE, TRANSFORM and ENHANCE the precinct.

The inspiration for the design of Eka Haat Bazaar as a small oasis of socio-cultural activities, an ‘adda’, is born from the conversations with the community. The place is designed as a dynamic destination where its edges, courtyard and terrace are transformed to house activities such as gathering, play, festivities, performances, food court, ‘chai-pe-charcha’ and a place for the exchange of ideas for community appraisal.

Currently, the streets are dominated by fast-moving vehicles and parking, which make it unsafe and leave no scope for active social life or pedestrian amenity. We propose transforming the functional yet drab artery into an active ‘adda’ that showcases CRPark’s vitality, diversity and identity. The 18m right-of-way of BCPal road is reorganized into a holistic experience providing space for efficient traffic movement, recreation, sports and innumerable prospects for social connection.

Client: C.R. Park Green Community Initiative
Location: New Delhi
Site area: 2.5 square kilometres
Scope: Preparation of Detailed project report, tender drawings & Bill of quantities