Streets for People Jabalpur | Urban Design

The Streets for people challenge was an initiative by Smart City Mission, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs to inspire cities to create walking-friendly streets through quick measures after Covid 19. 

The project proposal focuses on the idea of creating pedestrian friendly and active public realm to utilize the full potential of the site. Selective tactile interventions are proposed to improve and ensure walkability, safety, and character of the place by reclaiming the street for productive public use.

The wide carriage-way of the road is repurposed to allow for equitable space for all modes of movement including pedestrians and cycles, and design interventions are proposed along the site stretch at the edge of the public park and existing built edge. The park edge is reimagined as an open, interactive space which offers various recreational activities to people of all age groups and provides ease of walkability and safety. Further, this edge is designed with pervious material for effective water percolation, reducing the water logging issues. The space along the commercial building is reclaimed from haphazard parking to make way for seating, planters, cycle share points and more space to walk along the colonnade to support the commercial activity on the ground floor and ease the transition from private to the public domain.

Client: Smart city Jabalpur
Location: Jabalpur
Site area: 2.1km stretch
Scope: Competition entry