Revitalization of town of Elini

Revitalization of town of Elini | URBAN DESIGN

Elini, a beautiful commune deep in the hinterland of the Ogliastra region, in the central-eastern part of Sardinia, features splendid landscapes and a beautiful park. The most evocative means of transport to reach the place and also capture the territory’s enchanting springs, mountains and lush greens is the train. The town is central to nearby tourist places viz Ilbono, Arzana, Lanusei, Lido di Orri beach and many Nuragic archaeological sites. The area is home to many artists engaged with art and stone sculptures but not many institutions in the region. In this context, the proposal is to revitalize the town by activating the public realm for 3 target group of users: LOCALS, TOURISTS & STUDENTS.

Railway Park encompasses all thematic interventions which are proposed as explained in the design brief. The town is a “CULTURAL MUSEUM” and the station is proposed to house ‘Rail Museum’ The New Building proposed besides the railway station is Elini Interpretation centre to orient the visitors and also has Business Incubation Centre proposed within. The Case Cantoniere is converted into Boutique B&B facility. The Park is an exploration area for all user groups and showcases the KEY ASSETS of the town.

Location: Elini, Italy
Site area: 10 sqaure kilometre
Scope: Competition entry