Child-friendly open space Ahmedabad | Urban Design

The proposal has won the design award in category “Redefining the City for the Public” of the “Z axis 2020: You and your neighbourhood design competition” organised by the Charles Correa foundation.

The proposal explores how neighbourhoods can create outdoor play spaces for children by converting a dead narrow strip of land into inclusive green playspace for all age groups.
Jury citation.

The project has been awarded for the gesture of reclaiming open space in the city of Ahmedabad, where there is not much available. It is incredibly tactical, as it employs minimal means, namely, occupying vacant land, re-aligning the road and planting some trees, yet the project has the potential to bring about considerable change. It is a democratic project, as it focuses on play spaces for young children and their caregivers, and also very believable, as the landscape urbanism approach that has been conceptualised does not require a lot of resources.

This strategy addresses a universal problem and helps to imagine that in a consolidated, dense city, one can still transform the leftovers into public space.

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Location: Ahmedabad
Site area: 1.10 kilometre stretch
Scope: Competition entry